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 Korean sex video woman anchorman of "hum Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Sex video female anchors was “ human flesh ” Han sex video female anchors was “ human flesh ” recent was Biological Aerated out fornication video scandal of Korea beauty anchors-a a, due to was explosion material involved black, and cosmetic, and and Qian men friends long-term cohabitation and sex video of mad pass in Korea social caused has storm. Although the Korea media deliberately will its real name hidden to, but its real identity also is was powerful of users “ human flesh ” Has out. due to was explosion material party successive of even Muscovy bombing, currently the anchors has emergency doctor. does not ya video Biological Aerated out men friends complaints its violence detention this segment video Yu on December 4 in a blog website appeared, although didn't had how long on was delete, but has was many Internet users downloads, and through SNS website and e-mail quickly in Korea Internet Shang spread. video publishing who in on December 4 open has
3 minutes does not ya video Hou, 6th and in online open has 16 seconds of second round does not ya video. apart from video exposure Hou, female anchors of Qian men friends also in online appeared, complaints she of various bad. She of Qian men friends said,-a a to does not let he exposure cohabitation, and accept cosmetic surgery, facts, has found to triad illegal detention he, and violence forced he with blood in bond Shang signed, guarantee does not say he and female anchors of relationship. female anchors of Qian men friends said, own was placed out yihou on immediately fly to has abroad, Lying in the hospital for 3 days. anchorwoman alerting police involvement party a in the matter on December 5 to the East of Seoul Police Department network search report, passed the bar for video publishers make “ reputation damage, ” “ spread false rumors ” offences including. Korea Internet police officials in an interview on December 6
Shi said, they has received has female anchors-a a of reported, and started for investigation, according to preliminary investigation, first a publishing video of blog IP address in abroad, as publishing blog of people and female anchors-a a of relationship does not in network police is responsible for of range, but due to victims made reported, in online spread this segment video has is violations, police will one by one investigation in online spread this segment video of people, and investigated they of legal responsibility. users crazy human flesh Biological Aerated-a a for sexy anchors Han Chengzhu in addition, In video was exposure Hou, Korea users on video of protagonist for has human flesh,-a a was explosion material for Korea famous of sexy beauty anchors Han Chengzhu. in identity exposure Hou, beauty anchors of friends accept has Korea media of phone interview, the friends said: “ actually each other fundamental is in falsely accuse,-a perennial was Qian men friends of blackmail, all day long life in high pressure Xia. recent and was people meat has out, penetration

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